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NukeX 6.1 Released

The Foundry has just released NukeX v6.1 with a preview build of the 64-bit version for Mac. The GUI has gotten an overhaul as well and it is lookin' sharp.

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Nuke .chan import in LightWave

Now you can both import and export .chan files from LightWave, which means you can easily use NukeX as a 3D camera tracking solution for LightWave. Download LScript

By |2020-09-23T11:14:39+01:00June 15th, 2010|Computer Graphics|4 Comments

Property panel to front

Here is a new LScript that toggles / brings the property panel inside of Layout to the front when you go from one item type to the next. Download LScript

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Export Nuke .chan files from LightWave

Although Nuke can read FBX files, it's something reassuring about open text file formats, so I have created an LScript that creates a chan file from the selected item in LightWave. Download LScript

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