Export Nuke .chan files from LightWave

//Export Nuke .chan files from LightWave

Export Nuke .chan files from LightWave

Although Nuke can read FBX files, it’s something reassuring about open text file formats, so I have created an LScript that creates a chan file from the selected item in LightWave.


Download LScript

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  1. rich 2009/12/18 at 15:01 - Reply

    This is awesome! You don’t know how much you helped people with this LScript! We realllllly do appreciated! 7451541841xThanks!!!

  2. Chris 2010/04/10 at 02:16 - Reply

    How about a LS that reads a ,chan file from nuke and applies it to the camera in Lightwave? Please… with a scale multiplier… Thanks…

  3. Yay! Importing .chan files into Lightwave without any mumbo jumbo will make my life easier 🙂

  4. Chris 2010/04/17 at 16:27 - Reply

    Thanks bro, this is great news, especially with Nuke 6, the tracker is excellent!

  5. Richard 2010/05/10 at 11:12 - Reply

    This is a great help to the Terragen community 🙂

  6. diego 2010/10/03 at 04:32 - Reply

    la verdad es que es sorprendete nuke y agradesco de aver encontrado esta página. muchas gracias.

  7. Ross 2012/02/08 at 20:13 - Reply

    Does the CHAN file format support transferring a camera’s focal length? For example if I were exporting a LW camera to Nuke via CHAN file and my camera had an animated focal length?

    • MentalFish 2012/02/12 at 23:43 - Reply

      I believe it does, but not using the same FOV definition as LW, I think. I haven’t been using Nuke in a while so I need to look it up again.

  8. […] Raúl Colomer me manda por e-mail la noticia de un par de scripts para que LightWave se comunique a la perfección con After Effects y Nuke. […]

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