Property panel to front

//Property panel to front

Property panel to front

Here is a new LScript that toggles / brings the property panel inside of Layout to the front when you go from one item type to the next.

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  1. Pink 2010/05/11 at 12:07 - Reply

    Thank you! This has bugged me forever, so this helps a lot.

  2. RoadWarrior 2010/07/31 at 03:33 - Reply

    Thanks for sharing! this is a real timesaver

  3. artificiallightmovement 2010/10/03 at 08:18 - Reply

    I agree about how intuitive it is to work with Nuke’s ui.

    Love the plugin! My “p” key had been thinking it had been singled out for punishment.

  4. Jeric 2012/05/15 at 19:42 - Reply

    Very useful, but I think you might want to mention (I didn’t see/hear it if you did) for noobs how to install an “Lscript Master” plugin.

    Thanks for the plugin! I think it’ll help a lot!

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