Dang it

If I don't post something now, it will be more than a month since last time (not that anyone reads this). With full time work and freelance work on the side, there is absolutely no time left in the day to do things such as space ship modeling. If there is any energy or creativity [...]

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Space ship a month?

Hmmm... seems like the plan for a spaceship a day will have to become something different for now. Perhaps a line of jQuery a day with a side dish of a space ship a month will keep the doctor away. Where is my 36 hour day cycle I ordered?

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Space Ship 001

Here is the first doodle of my series of space ship jam sessions. 37 minutes. I think it is a fighter of sorts.

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A space ship a day

Would a space ship a day keep the doctor away? Considering doing a ship doodle each day, a one hour session of LightWave speed modeling. Here is a doodle that took a day to finish:

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This is a free LScript for LightWave to remove keyframes, so I call it Keyfragger. Peow peow! Its pretty much the evil twin of the Motion Baker script which has been renamed Keystove, just to stay in character. Download LScript

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Peugeot RCZ

I just test drove this car today... ...and I must say, it would be perfect as a company car... :D just saying... Now go buy some of my 1337 ware so I can afford it!

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