Dang, almost one month since last post. Oh well, I’ll try to make it up with some upcoming cool things, first up is the new Iron Maiden music video where all the VFX was done by Darkside Animation. Space-flight animation and all rendering done in LightWave (of course :D) while Eddie was animated in Messiah. I love the song and the video (with all its cheese) but I have some crits though. The surfacing of Eddie seems a bit too uniform, especially the specular sheen and as such looks very CG, and there is something off in the way he moves in some parts of the video. Still, awesome awesome, two thumbs up and many replays.

Also, got to say I like the look and design of the dude’s armor, a cross between StarWars and Battlestar Galactica. Cool stuff.


Now the big question is, should I pay 800 NOK (~=130 USD) to go to the Iron Maiden concert here in town?