This is an old and I think my first LScript I made. It keeps things tidy.

Saves increments in a folder and does not overwrite any existing files. If you incremental save your file “myModel.lwo”, this script creates folder “myModel_incr” and adds the file “myModel_001.lwo” to it.

At the next incremental save it will add “myModel_002.lwo”, but you will still be working on the original “myModel.lwo”.


This helps in having a clean incremental history of your work as well as you will always know that “myModel.lwo” is
the actual latest save together with the highest number in the “myModel_incr” folder.

The script looks for the highest numbered file in the _incr folder, and creates a new file, one number higher.

If the file has not been saved yet, it will provide a file requester to specify a destination file.