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Utilize middle mouse button in LightWave

When I had a rant in the LightWave Skype chat on the use of middle mouse button for selections, i got directed to but since I am on a Mac I had to google for an alternative and landed on a forum thread on the matter and I got pointed further to . [...]

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Bullshit detected!

In the recent turmoil around Apple changing the legalities around development for iPhone, John Gruber posted his thoughts on it. While I agree with many of his comments, there is a rather strange statement, or claim if you will, at the end of his post: Cross-platform software toolkits have never — ever — produced top-notch [...]

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Use caps lock for Quicksilver

As a Mac user I use the app Quicksilver, brilliant for launching applications without having to click around with a mouse. Secondly, the caps lock key is an annoyance that has to be dealt with. There is no option in Quicksilver to use caps lock as a shortcut key (as it was with Enzo for [...]

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PS3 Media Server + Mac

Oh glorious open source efforts! I came across this media server solution for connecting up my Mac to the PS3, no more need for USB sticks or being annoyed by a lack of format support i.e. QuickTime... This media server plays everything, even stuff that other commercial solutions don't support. There was some issues [...]

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