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LightWave 10 Announced

NewTek has announced LightWave 10 at SIGGRAPH and I like what I see and hear. The message is clear, the aesthetics are in place. Good job NewTek! Check out the nice brochure:

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Polygon Islands 2.0

Just in time for SIGGRAPH, we are happy to announce that Polygon Islands v2.0 is out and available for purchase. Alexandre Labedade ( aka Alexx ) have created a new version of this tool, and it has so many improvements it became a 2.0 release. It is faster and got more features than the first [...]

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LightWiki LScript reference

I have been adding (leeching from Mike Green :D) some LScript documentation to the LightWiki reference section, and adding some of my own LScripts to it. I was looking for some documentation on how to let the user specify a folder, and found it by chance in a page listing all the changes to [...]

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Iron Maiden – Final Frontier

Dang, almost one month since last post. Oh well, I'll try to make it up with some upcoming cool things, first up is the new Iron Maiden music video where all the VFX was done by Darkside Animation. Space-flight animation and all rendering done in LightWave (of course :D) while Eddie was animated in Messiah. [...]

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Upcoming plugin Weighter 2

Alexandre Labedade has an upcoming LScript plugin called Weighter 2 and what it does is to transfer vertex maps from one object to another, weight and colour maps, UVs and morphs. Similar to Gator in Softimage. Here is a preview of its weight transfer aspect.

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Tofu Arrival

Dang that was fast, Tofu arrived today and is all awesome! Yoda says he will be his padawan and not adopted by the evil empire. I am wondering what he is up to though, seems like Tofu is freaking out... Never trust a dude who always walks around in a bathrobe. About 19cm tall including [...]

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Tofu the Vegan Zombie

Bump! This is a project from a few years back but I just re-discovered it and saw that the 3D model of Tofu was made into a vinyl figure. Cool stuff if you ask me, so I bought one and will place it next to Mr. Imperial Royal Guard. Now I want to convert some [...]

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QuadPanels for LightWave

First! As the first and very happy customer of QuadPanels, I can really recommend it to anyone in need of Sci-Fi detailing, or any tech detailing for that matter. Automagic with awesome results and upcoming additions to it, you can't go wrong. Give the demo a whirl and see for yourself.

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Nuke .chan import in LightWave

Now you can both import and export .chan files from LightWave, which means you can easily use NukeX as a 3D camera tracking solution for LightWave. Download LScript

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LightWave plugin, Circlify, released

The first commercial plugin from MentalFish is released and is now available in the store. Edit: you can now download the plugin for free here: See how the Chees... I mean Circlify plugin works in this preview video:

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