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My first WordPress plugin

I have recently created my first ever WordPress plugin, Append Posts is the name of it. Pretty simple but useful to create pages with specific posts beneath them. So you can for instance list all posts you have put in a category Products and tagged Free, to create a page of all free products. As [...]

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Use caps lock for Quicksilver

As a Mac user I use the app Quicksilver, brilliant for launching applications without having to click around with a mouse. Secondly, the caps lock key is an annoyance that has to be dealt with. There is no option in Quicksilver to use caps lock as a shortcut key (as it was with Enzo for [...]

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Lunar Rover Simulator for NASA

I have recently worked with Chilton Webb and Rommany Allen in developing a simulator based on the NASA’s Constellation Program architecture. Development was done in Unity while all models was done in LightWave and the majority of them supplied by JF&M. I think this is a perfect example on how useful game based technologies can [...]

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