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Global Game Jam 2013 – Deprivision

On this year's Global Game Jam I teamed up with Stefan Svellingen to create an augmented reality game we titled Deprivision. It is a game where you don't see the game world, but have to use audio only to navigate the level to avoid pit falls and monsters. The player uses a wireless headset with [...]

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New game in development: B.A.G.

MentalFish and Scary-Monsters have teamed up to deliver an absurd experience in the form of a 3'rd person shooter named B.A.G. The game is a tribute to the 80'ies comic D.R. & Quinch and will feature ridiculous weaponry for disposal of annoying aliens. Leigh Bamforth has created some awesome models and first up is one [...]

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Indie Game: Limbo

An amazing world, great style and good gameplay from what I can tell. Check out the interview at or just enjoy the trailer:

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Asset management in Unity 3.0

Awesome asset management in Unity 3.0

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Bullshit detected!

In the recent turmoil around Apple changing the legalities around development for iPhone, John Gruber posted his thoughts on it. While I agree with many of his comments, there is a rather strange statement, or claim if you will, at the end of his post: Cross-platform software toolkits have never — ever — produced top-notch [...]

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The value of an idea

<rant mode="on"> What is the value of creative efforts, often described as intellectual property? And by value I don't talk about monetary measures alone. Envision this: You have an idea with a small technical scope and you share it with others. Later on, the exact same idea is presented and implemented as somebody else's new [...]

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