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This is a free LScript for LightWave to remove keyframes, so I call it Keyfragger. Peow peow! Its pretty much the evil twin of the Motion Baker script which has been renamed Keystove, just to stay in character. Download LScript

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Iron Maiden – Final Frontier

Dang, almost one month since last post. Oh well, I'll try to make it up with some upcoming cool things, first up is the new Iron Maiden music video where all the VFX was done by Darkside Animation. Space-flight animation and all rendering done in LightWave (of course :D) while Eddie was animated in Messiah. [...]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

My oh my, I think I blew a fuse when I saw this! Go watch the HD version at Pure mind blowing awesomeness. Now, if only Mr. Lucas could get his wallet out and hand over some dosh to Blur to do this as a full time TV series :D Anyone know if the [...]

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UV 2 Morph

Here is a tutorial by Mikael Burman on how to create some nice water effects on a window, by using my UV 2 Morph LScript. The plugin is just a small part of it all, so watch the whole thing and you'll see the overall coolness. This technique can also be applied to realtime 3D [...]

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Motion baker… that works

My latest LScript is a motion baker script for LightWave that bakes such things as items animated through Denis Pontonnier's DP Kit + Node Item Motion and other "non standard" ways of animating in LW. It also bakes all selected items, and on a test of 100 nulls, it took about 12 seconds to bake [...]

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