Galactic Fleet is a space trade and action game, primarily inspired by tycooning games of the 90’s.

Q: Will it be like a 4X type game?
A: No, it is not a typical hardcore 4X type game, but rather a semi-casual game for people with little to no time for games in their busy daily schedule. Play it for 5-10 minutes in a break or an hour or two if you got the time. It will be a game that I would like to play myself as a gamer.

Q: Will it be like Elite/Freelancer/X3 (one man and his ship)?
A: No, it is all about building and expanding your fleet, hence the name.

Q: What will it be like then?
A: I hope it will be unique, while at the same time, I am influenced by the classic games Ports of Call and Homeworld, as well as more casual games such as Plants Vs Zombies.

Q: What platforms will it be on?
A: Primarily WebGL and downloadable executable for Mac/Win/Linux.

Q: What will it cost?
A: It will be a free client with extra content for those who pay. Terms such as freemium and f2p/free to play come to mind.

Q: What? Freemium, no thanks!!!
A: By having a game that is free across all platforms, you wont have to buy the game client for each platform. Say you get access to extra content or a fashion item (Epic-Engine-Glow anyone?), then this content will be available on any of your devices where the game is running.