Star Wars: The Old Republic

My oh my, I think I blew a fuse when I saw this! Go watch the HD version at Pure mind blowing awesomeness. Now, if only Mr. Lucas could get his wallet out and hand over some dosh to Blur to do this as a full time TV series :D Anyone know if the [...]

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Bullshit detected!

In the recent turmoil around Apple changing the legalities around development for iPhone, John Gruber posted his thoughts on it. While I agree with many of his comments, there is a rather strange statement, or claim if you will, at the end of his post: Cross-platform software toolkits have never — ever — produced top-notch [...]

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PS3 Media Server + Mac

Oh glorious open source efforts! I came across this media server solution for connecting up my Mac to the PS3, no more need for USB sticks or being annoyed by a lack of format support i.e. QuickTime... This media server plays everything, even stuff that other commercial solutions don't support. There was some issues [...]

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The value of an idea

<rant mode="on"> What is the value of creative efforts, often described as intellectual property? And by value I don't talk about monetary measures alone. Envision this: You have an idea with a small technical scope and you share it with others. Later on, the exact same idea is presented and implemented as somebody else's new [...]

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How to make games fun?

I have a question to ask: Can a game with mediocre gameplay be saved by a grand story or cool graphics? In my book it is a big fat resounding NO. Can a game with no story or simple visuals still be fun? Most definitely yes, look at Tetris.

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