Global Game Jam 2013 – Deprivision

On this year's Global Game Jam I teamed up with Stefan Svellingen to create an augmented reality game we titled Deprivision. It is a game where you don't see the game world, but have to use audio only to navigate the level to avoid pit falls and monsters. The player uses a wireless headset with [...]

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Unity+Android on Mac

Right off the bat, installing the Android SDK was a bit of a "huh?" moment, but I came across this nice guide for getting up to speed with installing the Android SDK on a Mac: So to recap and make it more geared towards Unity peeps, do this: Download the latest SDK: Unpack it and [...]

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Game Dev 2012

Its 2012 and the local peeps are awesome. After attending Bergen Game Jam last weekend and the first international Join Game conference yesterday and today, one can not help but to be excited and inspired to get back into the game dev mode. I need to update some LScripts and I think some Unity/C# scripts [...]

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It's been a few days since the Android version went live, and I am awaiting the approval process from the App Store. In any case, the RSS reader marks the kick off for many iOS and Android apps in the coming months.

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New game in development: B.A.G.

MentalFish and Scary-Monsters have teamed up to deliver an absurd experience in the form of a 3'rd person shooter named B.A.G. The game is a tribute to the 80'ies comic D.R. & Quinch and will feature ridiculous weaponry for disposal of annoying aliens. Leigh Bamforth has created some awesome models and first up is one [...]

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Space ship a month?

Hmmm... seems like the plan for a spaceship a day will have to become something different for now. Perhaps a line of jQuery a day with a side dish of a space ship a month will keep the doctor away. Where is my 36 hour day cycle I ordered?

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Indie Game: Limbo

An amazing world, great style and good gameplay from what I can tell. Check out the interview at or just enjoy the trailer:

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Pre-ordering Unity 3.0

Hurry peeps, pre-order Unity 3.0 before it is released and save a few hundred bucks. I just got my upgrade to Unity 3.0 and an upgrade of the basic iPhone license, so it saved me 300$. Also, check out the video of the Beast lightmapping demo, total awesomeness!

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Asset management in Unity 3.0

Awesome asset management in Unity 3.0

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