LightWave plugin, Circlify, released

The first commercial plugin from MentalFish is released and is now available in the store. Edit: you can now download the plugin for free here: See how the Chees... I mean Circlify plugin works in this preview video:

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Property panel to front

Here is a new LScript that toggles / brings the property panel inside of Layout to the front when you go from one item type to the next. Download LScript

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Utilize middle mouse button in LightWave

When I had a rant in the LightWave Skype chat on the use of middle mouse button for selections, i got directed to but since I am on a Mac I had to google for an alternative and landed on a forum thread on the matter and I got pointed further to . [...]

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Bullshit detected!

In the recent turmoil around Apple changing the legalities around development for iPhone, John Gruber posted his thoughts on it. While I agree with many of his comments, there is a rather strange statement, or claim if you will, at the end of his post: Cross-platform software toolkits have never — ever — produced top-notch [...]

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Quick Selection

New LScript for you all. One thing to keep in mind is that the script can make Modeler stop recognizing scripts and plugins if it is clicked alot, some bug in LScript I guess. Download LScript

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Set 100% to weight map

This is a really simple script, the only thing it does is to set the weight of the currently selected points to 100%. main { selmode(DIRECT); editbegin(); vmap = VMap(VMWEIGHT,0) || error("Please select a weight map first."); foreach(sp, points) { vmap.setValue(sp, 1.0); } editend(); } Download LScript

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UV 2 Morph

Here is a tutorial by Mikael Burman on how to create some nice water effects on a window, by using my UV 2 Morph LScript. The plugin is just a small part of it all, so watch the whole thing and you'll see the overall coolness. This technique can also be applied to realtime 3D [...]

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