There hasn’t been a lot of LScripting as of late and I blame the new Python scripting in LightWave. Well, I blame my reluctance to get into another programming language all over again. I’d much rather spend my time in Unity and C#. Apart from Python, LightWave is getting better and better by each iteration and I love the direction it has taken under Rob Powers and Matt Gorner. The upcoming 11.5 release will rock! I promise to keep on hammering the Unity integration aspects in the LightWave beta forums.

I am still working on Galactic Fleet, my space trade and action game, which I hope will be of interest to the world once it gets released. I am only cautiously optimistic about it as there seems to be a flood of sci-fi/space games popping out of the woodwork nowadays. Galactic Fleet started as a brainchild in 2005 or so and has gone from a “one man and his space ship” type game, to more of an old school tycooning game with action events/sequences. I have gotten Facebook and Kongregate integration working by using the Player.IO API and will continue to use it for payment solutions and multiplayer aspects.

On my full time job at Proactima, I am steering towards a more full time Unity situation as well, and hope to bring another level of added value to the company by utilising Unity for both training and visualisation across the board. I have been upgrading my whole software suite this year, so my Adobe CS package is at CS6 now, LightWave at 11, preordered Unity 4.0 + full iOS & Android versions. To match the freshness of the software, Proactima approved the acquisition of a schnazzy MacBook Pro Retina to get up to speed on the hardware front, so I owe them extra hugs, perhaps not kisses, but at least hugs. Proactima FTW!

All in all, it seems like Unity will be the at the centre of attention in the foreseeable future.

Oh, and me and my wife got a baby girl in June 🙂 happy diaper changing times abound.