There seems to be a lot of cool stuff coming out from individuals and small teams (and some big teams) nowadays:

Iron Baby (Iron Man parody):

Azureus Rising:

Somewhat bigger budget and team I’d say, but still, coolio!:

What is there to say, awesome awesome!

Another cool and somewhat related trend is immediate, trans-international work across borders and time zones. As I have stated elsewhere on this site, I frequently communicate with people around the world, screen and file sharing through tools such as Skype and Dropbox. It’s awesome, and more often than not, even more efficient than sitting in the same office, as its possible to log off to get the peace and quiet needed to focus on a specific task. Not sure what logging off in an open office space would equate to… going home? Once the isolation mode is over and communication with others is needed, Skype screensharing is perfect to get someones opinion and feedback on an issue. No need to wait for something to be sent, for someone to come over from another part of the office building or for someone to travel and pollute for hours, lets get down to bizznizz, right here, right now… hmm, that sounds wrong…

Lets try to see the good in the bad and GSD.