Utilize middle mouse button in LightWave

//Utilize middle mouse button in LightWave

Utilize middle mouse button in LightWave

When I had a rant in the LightWave Skype chat on the use of middle mouse button for selections, i got directed to http://www.autohotkey.com/ but since I am on a Mac I had to google for an alternative and landed on a forum thread on the matter and I got pointed further to http://www.orderedbytes.com/ . I have been looking for a solution like this before but never found it for some reason, my googling skills might have been diminishing…

WARNING! Awesomeness ahead!


You can download my ControllerMate setup if you feel like.

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  1. Jeff 2010/04/24 at 03:21 - Reply

    That looks pretty cool! Nice vid and thanks for sharing the key setup. I’ll have to check out that app.


  2. Dale 2010/05/22 at 16:12 - Reply

    Is this MAC only?

    • Petter Sundnes 2010/05/22 at 20:40 - Reply

      Yes its Mac only, but you could give the autohotkey solution for Windows a go. It should be able to do the same.

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