I have recently worked with Chilton Webb and Rommany Allen in developing a simulator based on the NASA’s Constellation Program architecture. Development was done in Unity while all models was done in LightWave and the majority of them supplied by JF&M.

I think this is a perfect example on how useful game based technologies can be when used industrially. This is something I have been preaching since the release of ShockWave3D and now through the use of Unity. The use of interactive 3D can be applied to anything from product visualization to training and procedure visualization and is applicable to any type of industry, be it onshore, offhore or in space.

Specific examples of usage:

  • – Getting to know an area without going there physically
  • – Virtual training on dangerous scenarios, i.e. explosions
  • – Visualize and train on important procedures, i.e. evacuation of oil rigs
  • – Performing virtual fire drills, i.e. what to do in case of a fire in the machine room
  • – Visualize buildings and large constructions, i.e. city planning
  • – Visualize technical products and solutions, i.e. tools for drilling
  • – Showroom presentations of your business and products

Please feel free to drive the Rover by either downloading the Mac version from Apple or download the Windows version from JF&M.