I have gotten some questions about what the point is with this script, so I am just going to post a little explanation of it here.

One example of where it would be useful, is if you want to add particle effects inside AE instead of in LW. Say you want to add smoke effects to an animation but can’t afford the render time of using HyperVoxels. Just render out the animation without any particle effects or HyperVoxels, place a null in LW of where you want the particles to emit, and then export that to AE and use that as an emitter inside of that application instead.

So if you have a moving locomotive you parent the null to its chimney, export that and the camera. The rendered image sequence from LW would not be 3D but just a plain 2D backdrop of course, with a null and camera that moves correctly according to the rendered sequence.

It is also generally a good workflow to render out passes so you can tweak the end result in AE instead of having to re-render everything. Janus is supposed to be a very good plugin for rendering out passes in LW, but I have not tried it yet myself. http://janus.faulknermano.com/

Also, keep this in mind:

– 1 meter in LW == 100 pixels in AE
– Check that the x, y, z coordinates of the plane in AE is set to the same as the one in LW (with some potential reversal of some axis, but if something is placed at 0,0,0 in LW it should be the same in AE (which it rarely is by default when a layer is set to 3D)
– Make sure the zoom level on the camera matches. In AE it is specified as pixels and degrees in parenthesis ie. (45.2°). Set this zoom to match the horizontal FOV in LW and you should be good to go.